Family oriented resorts usually focus on activities for the whole family as one, neglecting the fact that adults deserve to have a break, and children too.

Not Us!

Stay healthy, workout and enjoy every second spent in our club, by registering in one, or more, of our special sports adult activities. Don’t worry about your children or siblings, a list of fun activities exists for them too!


We promise you that your children will spend the best days of their childhood at our resort. The fact is, kids must exercise too, not just play games for the sake of fun. Which is why we’ve created a list of sports activities, which includes some of the renowned top sports. Classes are provided by certified coaches, and all international safety standards are followed. So don’t worry about your children, they are our children too.


We all deserve a break!

Pamper yourself to a transformative experience at our renowned spa. Pure serenity and timeless sensations await you! Our professionals offer a wide range of treatments and massages, designed to rejuvenate your body, rebalance your energy, and renew your spirit! Escape your daily stress, and enjoy a journey of wellness at our Spa.


Maintain your physical fitness and wellness during your vacation at Country Lodge Club & Resort, hit the gym!

Our gym has something for everybody, so enough with the excuses!

Equipped with the latest “Technogym” technology, our professional coaches ensure your workout leads to positive results, and harm is avoided.

Guests who hate the traditional workouts, can exercise too, by registering into a class out of our wide variety of beneficial classes, including but not limited to, Yoga, MMA and other classes. Personal Training programs are also available at the gym.


Our Vitamin Bar offers guests with Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-Inflammatories, Supplements and Healthy Foods to keep everyone strong. Feel great again, especially when feeling tired.

Forgetting your supplements at home is no longer a problem, since all the supplements needed could be found at our Vitamin Bar.


Country Lodge Club & Resort offers a wide range of facilities to meet the needs of any individual or group staying here: 1 indoor pool, 3 outdoor pools; 2/3 kids pools, football courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, indoor sports activities including; Aerobics, Martial Arts and many other classes you can find details about in the Spa & Wellness section on our website.