At Club House, a remarkable team of brilliant chefs have created a unique menu, which will definitely satisfy your endless cravings. From the tasty Chicken Casillas to the Traditional Hummus with Meat, Club House has your food lust covered! Whether you enjoy spending time surrounded by greenery, or prefer the chimney mood in the cold days, We’ve Got Your Back!


Irresistible Meals, Mouthwatering Desserts and Refreshing Beverages… The Country Lodge Club & Resort Snack has it All! Discover a whole new level of taste through our magical ingredients, combined to create a heavenly homemade food experience!

Because a beautiful experience cannot be achieved without positive vibes, our highly trained
staff will make sure to provide you with the most relaxing and comfortable atmosphere!


Behind every successful person is a cup of coffee!

Are you searching for that calm place, where you can relax with your friends, study, or handle a business meeting? This is the place to go to!

Coffee Lodge offers you free and fast wifi, open spaces and the ultimate choices of coffee, to help you refuel your energy today, and every day!


Because your comfort is all that matters, our room service staff is available to serve you all around the clock! Choose whatever you fancy from our menu, and have it prepared and delivered in no time. We always seek to turn an unfamiliar room, into a warm home-away-from-home!